Trump-Kim Summit Expected Soon as Chinese President Agrees to Pyongyang Visit

China is urging US, North Korea to meet halfway

There are growing expectations that a second Trump-Kim summit could happen sooner, rather than later, following this week’s meeting between Kim and China’s President Xi Jinping, and a quick announcement that Xi will soon be visiting Pyongyang.

China is very keen to get involved in this process, with Kim and Xi talking already on how to jointly “steer” the situation. This second visit announcement suggests there is much to be decided on in short order.

During the previous meeting, President Xi urged the US and North Korea to meet each other halfway. China seems interested in publicly endorsing the process, after President Trump has accused them of undermining the process.

In general, the US is resisting to providing any concessions to North Korea until they meet all US demands. This, along with desires to maintain the impression of keeping pressure maximized has meant the US has more sanctions against North Korea than when the negotiations started.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of