Afghan Taliban Reports Post-Occupation Discussions With Iran

The Afghan Taliban is reporting that a delegation from their group is in Iran to have talks with the Iranian government on the situation along the Iran-Afghanistan border and the situation that will prevail in post-occupation Afghanistan.

The Taliban has been holding talks with US negotiators in recent months on the end of the Afghan War, and a big part of this would be the withdrawal of US forces. The US has reportedly proposed ensuring that the Taliban would have a substantial role in a new Afghan caretaker government.

Underscoring how well this is progressing, the Taliban seems to be trying to position itself in the international community as part of an incoming government. The Taliban, after all, was the Afghan government before the 2001 US occupation, and has a history of ties with all these neighbors.

Religious differences with Iran have always made that a difficult relationship for the Taliban to manage. The Taliban has also participated in talks organized by Russia and including several other regional participants.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of