Saudi Airstrike Kills Two Civilians, Wounds Three in Northwestern Yemen

Attack targeted a house rented by the displaced family

Adding to the growing civilian death toll of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, Saudi warplanes attacked a house in the slums of al-Sudy, in the Hajjah Province, which was being rented by a family displaced by Saudi-backed attacks on the Harad District, which borders Saudi Arabia and has been under siege.

That attack killed two men inside the house, and wounded three women, according to local tribal leaders. They had been living in the house for over two years, since the Saudi invasion began.

Saudi officials have yet to comment on this attack. That’s not unusual, as incidents where only civilian casualties are reported, and not in vast enough numbers to get a lot of coverage in the international media, tend to be quietly swept under the rug.

Yet such incidents have become so common throughout the war as to be increasingly impossible to ignore. This was one of the factors in the US Senate voting to end American involvement in the Yemen War, and there is still no sign that the Saudis are making any real changes to prevent routine targeting of civilians.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of