North Korea: Hard-Line US Tactics Threaten to Block Denuclearization

US continues to escalate sanctions, diplomatic pressure against North Korea

In a new statement on Sunday, North Korea warned that the US risks permanently shattering the current denuclearization framework with its “hard-line” positions, including repeated escalation of sanctions and other diplomatic campaigns against North Korea.

This has been a recurring problem. As diplomacy has advanced, many have proposed easing sanctions on North Korea, but the US has opposed. The official US stance is no sanctions relief until full denuclearization is complete.

Which would be one thing, but the US is also pushing for even more sanctions, and constantly “ratcheting up pressure” on top of that. This has North Korea viewing the US promises of rewards many years down the road as empty promises.

While US officials see this as continuing their policy as it has been, many in the world, including South Korea, are starting to favor North Korea’s position, and the US is under growing pressure to make at least some confidence-building measures.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of