Yemen Clashes Threaten Ceasefire in Hodeidah

UN urges monitors to scramble to area to observe deal

A major last minute deal in the Yemen talks in Sweden was a ceasefire in and around Hodeidah. That ceasefire is already under threat, however, with locals reporting gunfire in the suburbs outside the city, and at least two Saudi airstrikes in the same area.

Details on what sort of fighting was going on is unclear, but so far the agreed upon withdrawal of combatants has not begun in earnest. The UN envoy who was key in brokering the deal is urging the UN to get monitors there as soon as possible.

The deal was intended to get all combatants from both sides out of the city in 21 days. There is still plenty of time, obviously, to accomplish that, though after previous ceasefires quickly collapsed both are very hesitant to act first in pulling back.

Neither side is talking about what happened in this skirmish, however. That’s particularly interesting as neither side tried to blame the other. The presence of UN monitors would hopefully reduce the chances rank-and-file fights would think they could get away with firing a few shots.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of