Bolton: Trump Won’t Meet Putin While Russia Holds Ukrainian Ships

Russia impounded boats after late November incident

In comments to reporters on Thursday, National security adviser John Bolton ruled out any meetings between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to hold Ukrainian ships and sailors.

Russia impounded three boats, and arrested 24 sailors after an incident in the Sea of Azov in November. Russia has accused them of violating their closed maritime territory, and says they’re holding the boats pending investigation.

The seizure of the boats, two patrol boats and a tug, led Ukrainian officials to predict the imminent start of World War 3, and has called on NATO to scramble their warships to the Black Sea for a battle.

The US has backed Ukraine over the matter, and has refused to hold a formal meeting with Putin at the G20 over the matter. While the boat inquiry is likely to soon be resolved, Ukraine will continue to predict an apocalypse, and the administration likely will keep coming up with other pretexts to not have Trump publicly meet Putin.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of