Trump Offers to Intervene in Huawei Case to Close Trade Deal

US ordered Huawei CFO captured during trade negotiations

Despite everyone in the Trump Administration insisting that China’s trade deal and the US-mandated capture of Huawei’s chief financial officer by Canada are totally unrelated, President Trump has offered to “intervene” to resolve the Huawei case if it means he gets his way in the trade deal.

China has yet to respond to the offer, which likely adds fuel to arguments from some in China that the detention itself was a cynical attempt to improve negotiating terms. China has pushed Canada to release the CFO, or at least provide details on what she’s being charged with.

Canada has made something of a surprising move, granting her bail on Tuesday in Vancouver. This may calm the situation somewhat, though many in China are still furious at the arrest, and many are concerned it risks important business ties between China and the West.

Officials are also concerned that China might start detaining some Americans in retaliation, to the point where there is consideration being made for issuing a “travel advisory” for people going to China to watch out for getting arbitrarily detained.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of