Iraqi Warplanes Strike Two ISIS Buildings in Eastern Syria

Air Force says attacks targeted an "important meeting" of ISIS leader

The Iraqi Air Force reported two separate airstrikes against targets inside eastern Syria on Tuesday, hitting two different buildings. This is the latest in a series of Iraqi strikes against ISIS territory on the border.

The larger of the two buildings was described as having 30 ISIS fighters in it, who were described as having an “important meeting for their criminal leadership” at the time. The other building had 14 suicide bombers, according to the statement.

Conspicuously absent from these reports, however, were any casualty figures. The Iraqi planes bombed two buildings with 44 ISIS people inside of them, and the end results are still unclear.

The US has also been bombing towns in this area, trying to support a Kurdish offensive. Likely telegraphing more civilian casualties to come, the coalition announced on Monday that they now consider the main hospital in the town of Hajin a legitimate military target, on the grounds that ISIS “has no regard for human life,” and that therefore the US is free and clear to deliberately attack the hospital full of civilians.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of