Yemeni Govt Spurns Houthi Call for Transitional Govt

Officials resist call for Hodeidah to be made neutral

Yemeni peace talks in Sweden did not collapse, despite threats by pro-Saudi forces to resume their attacks, and on Saturday the Shi’ite Houthi movement made multiple proposals, including the formation of a transitional government including all parties.

This proposal has been on the table for years, and was expected to be the result of the Yemen War at any rate, give President Hadi’s term in office ended several years ago. Despite this, Hadi’s side quickly rejected the proposal, saying the problem is the continued existence of the Houthis, not of Hadi’s rule.

The Houthis are also trying to resolve the ongoing attacks on Hodeidah by proposing the area be declared a neutral zone. This is something UN officials have also proposed for awhile. Hodeidah is a vital site for importing food.

The Hadi officials seem to be resisting this as well. Previously, they have demanded that the port by unconditionally surrendered to them, and they are not keen to resolve the matter. The Hadis are also rejecting calls to allow the Sanaa International Airport to reopen. Instead, they say all flights need to go through Aden, which they consider Yemen’s “sovereign airport.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of