Kim Open to Allowing Inspectors Into North Korea’s Main Nuclear Site

Said he would do so if US took certain 'corresponding steps'

According to South Korean sources, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has expressed an openness to allowing international inspectors to visit Yongbyon, the country’s main nuclear complex.

Kim apparently had conveyed this willingness to do so during a September summit with South Korea’s President Moon, saying he would also be open to shutting down Yongbyon “if the US took corresponding steps.” Moon conveyed this message to Trump.

It is unclear what the corresponding measures are that North Korea seeks from the US, but generally they want confidence building measures advancing the efforts of ending the Korean War. The State Department, however, said they “look forward to Chairman Kim fulfilling his commitments,” without any sign that the US will be doing anything in return.

That’s been a recurring theme of diplomacy between the US and North Korea. The US has repeatedly demanded more North Korean concessions since diplomacy began, but has ruled out any measures on the American side until North Korea has totally finished dismantling its nuclear program, an effort expected to take many years.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of