US to Accuse Iran of Capacity to Violate Chemical Weapons Ban

Iran doesn't have or produce chemical weapons

In an attempt to once again target Iran internationally, the Trump Administration is planning to issue a complaint against Iran to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), accusing them of having the capacity to violate the chemical weapons ban.

This is in keeping with the administration’s interest to keep Iran a topic of discussion, but will be tough to pull off, since Iran neither has chemical weapons, nor is even accused of attempting to produce them.

Rather, the US is going to be accusing Iran of having facilities and equipment that might conceivably be used to produce chemical weapons, if Iran wanted to. That’s not a violation that anyone, even the US, is likely to sanction Iran over, meaning the allegation is largely just for the sake of making Iran a big deal to the OPCW.

As a victim of chemical weapons attacks during the Iran-Iraq War, Iran is an outspoken opponent of chemical weapons use. This makes the use of chemical weapons allegations, particularly such flimsy ones, an unusual tactic.

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