Koreas Disarm Front-Line 22 Guard Posts, Destroy 20

Both agree to keep one empty post on either side

Continuing a long-standing effort to reduce military presences along the demilitarized zone, North and South Korea spent the weekend taking apart a series of guard posts, with 22 posts along the front-lines being totally disarmed, removing all troops and equipment.

Following this, 20 of the 22 posts were totally destroyed, with each side keeping a single, empty guard post. This apparently was at the behest of North Korea, as they wanted to keep a post that Kim Jong-un had visited in 2013.

Both sides have been greatly reducing the amount of weaponry they possess along the demilitarized zone, as diplomats work to find new ways to further reduce tensions. The goal is to ultimately prepare for a peace treaty, ending the generations-long Korean War, and readying the dismantling of the DMZ entirely.

US officials have largely opposed these moves to reduce military forces along the tense border, mostly because they are resisting pushes by both Koreas to quickly finalize a peace treaty. The Trump Administration has argued North Korea must totally dismantle its nuclear program before any such deal.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.