Report Calls for More Ships for Already Massive US Navy

Study claims US 'woefully short of ships'

The US Navy has long been derided for have a mindset around its requirements that is a century out of date, but it is still the largest navy on the planet by a massive amount. That’s unsurprising, as the US military is the largest everything on the planet at any given time.

But they can always be bigger. And facilitating that effort is the Heritage Foundation, whose new study declared 355 ships to be “woefully short” of the need, based on the idea of fighting two simultaneous major conflicts and its normal rotational presence, and the capacity for surge operations.

This would mean a 12% increase to the Navy’s shipbuilding budget, and a goal of 400 ships. This involves another aircraft carrier, but the real focus is on logistics ships. Those ships are necessary, the study argues, to support all of those small littoral combat ships the Navy built in recent years in an attempt to get larger numbers of ships by just building small riverine boats and putting them in the ocean.

Spending more money is right down the Pentagon’s alley, and they’ll likely be only too happy to embrace the idea of huge naval wars against Russia, and China, or both, with substantial naval operations being done beside that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of