Two Koreas to Hold High-Level Military Talks

Generals will meet to discuss implementation of recent summit deals

Talks between North and South Korea continue to be held at a rapid pace. On Friday, generals from the two Koreas are planning to meet again in Panmunjom truce village, this time to discuss implementation of deals reached at last month’s summit.

Other topics for the meeting include the possibility of setting up a joint military committee between the two Koreas, and possibly conducting joint field research on the Han River.

Anything “general-level” is considered big, and even moreso with the large number of meetings being held in Panmunjom, with delegations getting together seemingly several times a week on different topics. Just this week, a separate meeting agreed on disarming guards at Panmunjom, with the future plan to be 35 troops from each side in the village, and no guns.

North Korea’s General Kim Hyong Ryong says that the goal of the talks is a “stable peace,” with the idea of turning the Korean Peninsula from the “Hottest spot in the globe” to a cradle of peace and prosperity.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of