Trump to Order 800 Troops to Mexican Border to Stop Migrants

Insists troops needed 'for this national emergency'

Declaring the caravan of Central American migrants to be a “national emergency,” President Trump has indicated that he will order at least 800 Army soldiers to the US-Mexico border. The troops will attempt to forcibly prevent any migrants entering the country.

Trump has been riled by the prospect of the immigrants all week, accusing them of including Middle Easterners. Officials have subsequently admitted they have no evidence any Middle Easterners are involved, though Vice President Mike Pence has said he assumes that any crowd of more than 7,000 in Central America is bound to include some of them.

Pentagon officials are so far being vague on exactly what the troops will be doing, saying they can’t comment until final orders are issued. The indications are, however, they they will not take direct part in stopping immigration, but will focus on monitoring.

Trump has insisted he wants the immigrants stopped at all costs, and that he cares more about keeping them out than he does about trade. Though the National Guard has already been deployed to the border in a similar effort, some officials have questioned the benefit of such deployments.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of