27 Taliban Killed by Airstrikes in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province

Officials say airstrikes targeted two areas in Nad Ali District

According to local Afghan officials, the military ordered in two different airstrikes during fighting in Nad Ali District, in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, after Taliban tried to attack security forces.

Details are still scant, but police reported that at least 27 Taliban were killed in the airstrikes, and 13 others wounded. They provided no evidence that all the slain were Taliban, nor indicated what casualties Afghan forces may have suffered.

Nad Ali District has been the site of a lot of fighting over the course of the past month. Last week, six Afghan soldiers were killed in a separate airstrike incident, which was termed a “friendly-fire” strike.

The Taliban has heavy control across much of Helmand Province, and contests almost everyplace that they don’t control outright. The province is seen as particularly valuable because of its involvement in opium poppy farming and smuggling.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.