Nikki Haley Resigns as Ambassador to UN

Will leave position by the end of the year

Ambassador Nikki Haley has submitted her resignation on Tuesday, and says she will be leaving the post by the end of the year. President Trump praised Haley, saying they’d solved a lot of problems together.

In his comments, President Trump said that Haley had told him about six months ago that she wanted to take some time off. He says he will be naming a successor to the post of Ambassador to the UN on the coming weeks.

Haley’s stint as ambassador, like other recent US envoys to the UN, was heavily defined by US hostility toward the UN in general, reacting furiously to every UN attempt to rein in Israel, and condemning Russia and Iran every time the UN didn’t back a US position on Syria.

Her hawkish, bellicose tone had a lot of Western media outlets spinning her as a “voice of reason” resisting President Trump’s occasional peace-making impulses, and presenting her as a comparative moderate.

Though Haley at times clashed with Trump on policy matters, her resignation appears not to be the result of any specific disagreements, but rather just that she feels the two years she will have served by year’s end is enough.

Her post memorable spat with the White House has to be from April of this year, when she announced a round of sanctions against Russia, over Syria. The sanctions were not imposed, and officials suggested she got confused, leading her to fire back that “I don’t get confused.”

Because of her tone at the UN, Haley will be remembered as the face of surly, diplomacy-averse wing of the Trump Administration, whose first, second, and third impulses are all vvarious ways of confronting perceived international rivals.

That this is the way Ambassadors have played the UN post for years made her the media’s comfortable face of the status quo, during a time when the administration was broaching the subject of rapprochement with long-standing enemies.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of