North, South Korea Leaders Agree to Rekindle Stalled Nuclear Talks

Denuclearization looms large in three-day summit

While all the details of the inter-Korean summit will not be clear until a closing statement is issued later this week, early indications are that the two leaders, President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un, have agreed on a path to try to resume nuclear talks, which have been stalled for awhile.

Kim agreed to denuclearization during the first summit, and reiterated that agreement during the Trump-Kim summit. Some facilities have been closed, and testing halted, but there is increasing push-back, with North Korea frustrated that there has been no progress toward a peace deal since these previous meetings.

North Korea’s main goal is to reach a deal ending the Korean War, which began in 1950. The US has resisted advancing toward such a deal, but South Korea’s President Moon has been very supportive of an irreversible peace plan.

Making such a peace plan might be easier between the two Koreas, without the Trump Administration’s pressure to “get something” in return. Kim has insisted that there is no need for a nuclear program if the war ends, and they aren’t at risk of being attacked. Having a path to peace in and of itself could go a long way toward speeding up denuclearization.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of