Palestinians May Cut Remaining Ties With US After PLO Office Closed

PA officials say Trump is an 'enemy of the Palestinian people'

Palestinian officials have told Israel’s Channel 10 news that there are considerations of severing what ties remain with the US government following the Monday announcement that President Trump is closing the PLO office in Washington.

US officials said the closure of the PLO office was about punishing them for not accepting President Trump’s peace plan, though John Bolton said the decision was because the PLO was taking Israel to the International Criminal Courts.

Either way, it is the latest in a series of administration moves against the Palestinians, which has them warning that the US may provoke an upsurge of regional violence. They also say Trump has shown himself as “an enemy of the Palestinian people.”

Somewhat more comfortable with US and Palestinian tensions is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who declared the closure of the PLO office “the right decision.” His office issued a statement complaining that the PLO is not supporting the peace process. Deputy Minister Michael Oren personally thanked the Trump Administration for “standing strong by Israel’s side.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of