US Threatens Attack on Syria Will Be Stronger Than Ever

Officials accuse Assad of having approved chemical weapons use in Idlib

The offensive against rebel-held Idlib looms, and even though there is no real evidence that a chemical weapons attack might happen there, US officials have been making near daily accusations that this will be the case, and offering ever-more-bellicose threats.

US officials are now saying that President Assad has personally approved such an attack already, and that the US military response will be “stronger than ever before” once this happens.

John Bolton went on to add that the US has been in talks with Britain and France, who joined the previous US attack on Syria, and that both of them also agreed to the need to carry out even bigger attacks this time.

Syria has denied that such a chemical attack was ever going to happen in the first place, but there have been reports that Western special forces, British forces in particular, have already begun working around that problem. There are allegations that the British forces have been helping rebels “stage” an attack in Idlib that would release some chlorine gas and provide a pretext for the US-led intervention.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of