Officials Worry Trump May Back Erik Prince Plan to ‘Privatize’ Afghan War

Frustrated with war failures, Trump's interest in plan said to be growing

President Trump is unhappy with the situation in Afghanistan. This is hardly new, as it’s been reported to be this way for over a month, with mounting losses on the ground, and Pentagon claims that progress is being made ringing hollow.

Erik Prince

What is concerning his advisers, however, is that as Trump sours on the war, he’s been showing renewed interest in Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s proposal to “privatize” the war, and replace the US occupation force with mercenaries.

Prince first started talking up the plan last year, ahead of President Trump’s announced escalation. The Blackwater founder is now presenting this as “trying something new,” and is also accusing the Pentagon of painting an unrealistically rosy picture to keep Trump from considering his idea.

Prince says he hasn’t spoken directly to Trump, but plans to launch a media campaign hyping the idea to sell the president on it in the coming days. Prince claims this measure would save the US money over the existing occupation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of