Israeli Jets Pound Gaza Strip as Rockets Fired Into Southern Israel

Hamas: Resistance will level the playing field with Israel

Talk of a long-term ceasefire in he Gaza Strip seems to be forgotten today, as Israel and Hamas continued tit-for-tat escalations throughout the day, with 150 rockets fired at southern Israel, and Israeli warplanes striking over 100 targets inside Gaza.

Gaza City

Exactly what happened isn’t entirely clear. Six Israelis were reported injured by rockets over the course of the day, with 25 rockets intercepted and most landing harmlessly in empty fields. Three Palestinians were reported killed in early strikes, but the figure has not been updated in some time. An infant was reportedly among the slain.

It’s not even clear what is being targeted at this point. The rockets, of course, are pretty inaccurate, and just getting them into southern Israel seems to be the best Hamas can manage. The Israeli military says they are hitting “strategic targets,” but this mostly means factories that they claim are manufacturing tunnels or the like.

Egypt is scrambling to try to come up with another temporary ceasefire overnight, and so far has little to show for it. The UN has also urged both sides to come back from the brink.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of this exchange is that Hamas is being very public about its involvement, saying that the resistance has taken it upon themselves to “level the playing field with the enemy.” In previous exchanges, Hamas seemed eager to make a deal quickly to stop the firing.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of