Bolton Claims US Has Plan to Disarm North Korea Within a Year

Experts say plan would actually take far longer

Speaking on Face the Nation on Sunday, John Bolton claimed that the White House has a plan all set up that would see all North Korean “weapons of mass destruction,” not just their nuclear program, dismantled in a year.

Details were scant, but Bolton said it would see North Korea’s nuclear, biological, and chemical arsenals totally wiped out, along with its entire ballistic missile program. He warned this would only be possible with “full cooperation” from North Korea.

Experts are already scoffing at this idea, with nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker saying it would take around 10 years to dismantle and clean up just the Yongbyon nuclear site. Other officials also said that while much could be accomplished in a year, verification would take far longer.

This must inevitably raise questions on if Bolton’s comments are designed to support denuclearization, or undermine it. Bolton has long been opposed to North Korea diplomacy, and made it very clear that if his one-year deadline wasn’t met, it’d be proof North Korea wasn’t serious about the deal. This could easily be a plan designed to fail.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of