UN Offers to Manage Yemen Aid Port of Hodeidah

Saudi-led coalition demands 'unconditional surrender' of Houthis

In an attempt to prevent the humanitarian calamity of the Saudi-led invasion of Hodeidah, the United Nations has formally proposed that they take over the city, the main port for bringing aid into war-torn Yemen. The rebel Houthis, who control the city, are said to be “considering” the offer.

Under the plan, the invasion of the city would cease, the Houthi forces and invading forces would withdraw, and the UN would manage the port with a focus on efficient aid delivery. Whether they’ll get a chance is another matter.

That’s because the Saudi-led coalition’s own statement on the matter was tepid, to say the least. They expressed only nominal openness to the idea, and said any transfer of Hodeidah to UN control must be conditioned on a full, “unconditional” surrender of the Houthis.

The US is reportedly pushing the Saudi-led coalition to allow the transfer and stop the invasion. This, however, is likely a very token offer, as previous US resistance to the Hodeidah invasion was followed by the US offering to help the invading forces select targets to bomb.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.