Syrian Army Has Full Control of Metro Damascus After ISIS Ouster

Last jihadists evacuated from Yarmouk refugee camp

The Syrian Army has issued a statement today declaring victory in the fight over metro Damascus, saying that effective Monday Damascus and all of its surroundings are “completely secure” and under military and government control.

Expelling rebels and jihadists from suburbs of Damascus has been a priority for awhile. The defeat of rebels in Eastern Ghouta was a major step in that direction, but it was only this weekend, with the evacuation of the last few ISIS fighters, that the whole area was secure.

ISIS forces managed to infiltrate the Yarmouk refugee camp and surrounding area, south of Damascus. The refugee camp, which once housed a large number of Palestinians, has been contested repeatedly since the Syrian War began.

Control over metro Damascus makes it clear that the Syrian government is in a stable position, and not in serious threat of being ousted by the rebellion. With that accomplished, the Syrian military is likely to focus next of paring down rebel control in the few other remaining areas, like Idlib Province.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of