Iraq Airstrikes Target ‘ISIS’ Target Inside Syria

Officials say target was totally destroyed

Iraq has once again carried out airstrikes across the border in neighboring Syria, sending warplanes to attack a site in the town of Deshaisha. Officials say that the position was an ISIS target, and was “completely destroyed.”

There is no word on casualties at this point. Iraqi officials claim the targeted building had been used by ISIS commanders to meet in the past, though they did not claim anyone in particular was present at the time.

Unlike Iraq’s other recent attacks in Syria, they did not specifically say this attack was coordinated with the Syrian military. This is likely the case, however, as Syria did not issue a statement mentioning such an incident.

Having lost virtually all of their territory, ISIS forces are still present in numbers in Syria’s eastern desert. Targeting the group has remained a popular exercise for the various factions in the area, trying to prevent ISIS from reemerging and again challenging for control of important towns.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of