Iran Defends Terms of Nuclear Deal, Seeks Offshore Reactors

Officials note P5+1 deal has no "sunset clause" on nukes

With the future of the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran very much in doubt, Iranian officials are defending the terms of the deal from US criticism, while at the same time suggesting ways they could have more civilian infrastructure within the terms of the pact.

In particular, Deputy FM Abbas Araqchi noted that the US was mistaken in taking about a “sunset clause” in the deal, pointing out there is no sunset on the prohibition on getting nuclear arms, and that Iran has already made a permanent commitment not so seek them.

This is true. What is sunsetted is certain aspects of Iran’s civilian nuclear energy program, in particular related to the establishment of a bigger enrichment program. Iran is keen on being more self-sufficient on fuel for its nuclear reactor.

Iran has also suggested they may be looking to develop new nuclear reactors for powering ships off-shore, noting that there appears to be no restriction on such uses of nuclear power under the P5+1 deal.

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