Iran: US Navy Behaving Better in Persian Gulf

US Warships Are Abiding by International Regulations

US warships patrolling around Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf have been a sore spot for a long time, but the Iranian Revolutionary Guard suggested Monday that the US is improving its behavior within the region.

Rear Admiral Ali Ozmaei told Tasnim News Agency that the previous harassment seems to be over, with US warships paying attention to international regulations, and avoiding approaching Iranian territorial waters.

That’s a big change, as in the past, it seemed US warships made a point to speed toward the Iranian maritime border, then issue angry condemnations when Iranian speedboats were scrambled to see why.

Such confrontations have often been used by US officials to play up the idea that Iran is “aggression” against the Navy by reacting when US warships get close to Iranian waters. A decline in such incidents is a very good sign, avoiding any accidental naval clashes.

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