US Bombers in Guam Seen Readying for Tactical Nuclear Strike on North Korea

Advanced Gravity Nukes Seen as Likely to Be Used

With all other signs of tensions on the Korean Peninsula on the decline, the US is stepping up its deployment of nuclear-capable bombers and general firepower to the airbase at Guam,

This is further fueling speculation that the US is preparing itself for the long-speculated sneak attack on North Korea, and that such a sneak attack could involve B-61 gravity bombs as part of a tactical nuclear strike.

The Trump Administration has been seen to be favoring the idea of a “limited attack,” betting that North Korea would not retaliate. It’s hard to imagine this could possibly be both limited and involve nuclear arms, but recent developments on the B-61 suggest that’s indeed the point of the weapon.

Some analysts have suggested the Pentagon could carry out a nuclear attack with B-61s that would totally destroy North Korea’s nuclear infrastructure while killing no more than 100 people, and that might be small enough to avoid retaliation.

That’s a huge risk, as all signs are that North Korea’s military has standing orders to fully retaliate against any attack of any size. Such retaliation could kill millions in a matter of days, and start a massive regional war. It’s not at all clear that concern is in any way deterring the administration from considering the possibility.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of