North Korea: UN Sanctions Are An ‘Act of War’

Says Supporters of Sanctions to Pay 'Heavy Price'

North Korea has responded to the latest round of sanctions from the UN Security Council, decrying the measure as “an act of war,” and saying that those who supported it would pay a “heavy price.”

The Security Council vote was unanimous, a reaction to North Korea’s most recent missile test. Both Russia and China voted in favor of it, a rarity, but the result of an agreement to somewhat water down the sanctions.

The sanctions passed included limits on refined oil imports to North Korea, and a worldwide ban on North Koreans being outside of North Korea, intended to force all overseas workers back into the country.

Still, this was well short of the plan pushed by the US, which would’ve banned all oil imports into the country under all circumstances, and would’ve tried to ban naval traffic into North Korea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of