Russian, Syrian Airstrikes in Aleppo Province Displace Hundreds

Rebels Make Gains in Neighboring Idlib Province

The Syrian government’s incipient advance against the rebel-held Idlib Province suffered a setback with rebels gaining substantial territory in the province’s east, and along the border with neighboring Aleppo Province.

Syrian and Russian warplanes responded to the rebel gains with intense airstrikes against southern Aleppo, causing an unknown number of civilian casualties, and displacing hundreds of families from the Burj Sabna village.

Additional fighting was reported further south in metro Damascus, where rebels tried to make gains, and at least one civilian was reported killed in an exchange of artillery fire. The rebels claimed minor gains.

On top of this, ISIS appears to be making a comeback along the Syria-Iraq border, and has reportedly seized a number of villages near Abu Kamal. The ISIS fighters reportedly expelled Syrian troops in the fighting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of