Neurologists Suggest ‘Mass Hysteria’ Behind Cuba Attack Allegations

Say There Is No Evidence of a Weapon Involved

Noting that there’s no actual evidence of a weapon involved in the “sonic attack” allegations in Cuba, top neurologists are suggesting the whole thing could be a form of mass hysteria, the result of an anxious environment and psychosomatic symptoms.

Acoustic experts have gone on the record saying it was unlikely any sort of sonic weapon could’ve caused the wide range of different symptoms alleged to have resulted, and neurologists suggest that mass hysteria would be simultaneously the most reasonable explanation, solve the mystery, and allow for US-Cuba relations to be normalized again.

That’s unlikely, as President Trump seems pretty set on rolling back Cuba relations no matter what. And even while the administration has officially conceded that they don’t believe Cuba is behind some sort of attack, the White House has claimed Cuba could “stop it if they wanted.”

Which is especially not true if the symptoms are psychosomatic and not based on any external stimuli With no weapon Cuba has nothing to stop, and the administration has a pretext to keep escalating tensions on the grounds they didn’t “stop.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of