Germany: No Evidence Kaspersky Lab Worked With Russia

Israel Spies Admitted Hacking Company in 2015

Germany’s BSI cyber agency confirmed Wednesday that there is no evidence whatsoever that security software maker Kaspersky Lab is in any way helping Russian officials, or engaged in any misconduct..They added there was no evidence of weakness in the software.

Kaspersky Lab has been the target of growing hostility within the US, primarily based on the fact it is a Russian-base company. It is now banned on all federal government computers, and multiple US stores have withdrawn it from sale.

The only suggestion that Russia’s government was actually doing anything with Kaspersky Lab came from a report in the Israeli media. According to this report, Israeli spies hacked Kaspersky, and they found Russian spies were also rooting around in their network.

Even in this case, they offered no evidence that the Russian government was specifically targeting the US, nor that Kaspersky knew about the intrusion. Kaspersky has consistently been among the top handful of anti-malware makers in the world.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of