Trump: ‘Only One Thing Will Work’ Against North Korea

Says We'll 'Figure That Out Pretty Soon'

President Trump continues to take to Twitter to angrily rail against the notion of diplomacy towards North Korea, insisting over the weekend that North Korea had been “making fools” of the US in any talks in the past. Trump concluded this screed with the declaration that “only one thing will work.”

While the implication is clearly meant to be something along the lines of a calamitous nuclear war, Trump appeared much more interested in elaborating on what in his opinion hasn’t worked than offering any specifics on what the “one thing” is.

Reporters even specifically asked Trump over the weekend about what the “one thing” was, to which Trump would only ominously say “you’ll figure that out pretty soon.” Again, since all his other talking points on North Korea have been about how ready the US is for war with them, it’s a concerning direction he’s pointing in.

White House officials were no more helpful, insisting only that “all options are on the table”. This is a common statement for them, but one that has less and less meaning with a president who has already ruled out all the non-war options.

Analysts have repeatedly warned that a war with North Korea would kill millions if it goes nuclear, and that there is no such thing as a limited war with North Korea, meaning the worst case is palpably realistic.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of