Pakistan Parliament Unanimously Condemns US Allegations

Key MPs Blame Growing Indian Influence on US

After massive nationwide protests against the US yesterday, Pakistan’s National Assembly today unanimously passed a resolution rejecting US allegations that Pakistan is providing “safe haven” for the Taliban, accusing the US of trying to blame Pakistan for its own failures.

Though the US has long made statements blaming Pakistan for times the war in Afghanistan is going poorly, President Trump’s accusations took things to a new level, leading to a lot of angry retorts from Pakistani officials, and finally this act of parliament.

Anger over US scapegoating has been mounting since, and the resolution was praised by members of all major parties in the country, though many added that the resolution was overdue, blaming previous governments for lack of action.

Some MPs were also quick to blame India for the move, with the Pakistani Tehreek-e Insaf leader issuing a statement after passing the bill complaining that he sees “a lot of Indian ingress in the US Congress.”

Pakistan has long view Afghanistan as a potential foil against India in the event of a major war, both as a fallback area and a potential ally in a protracted conflict. India has been extremely close with the US-backed Afghan government, and President Trump’s encouragement of more Indian involvement in Afghan reconstruction efforts only adds to Pakistan’s concerns on that front.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of