US Bombers Overfly Korean Peninsula in Show of Force

Air Force Says Operation Was Response to Missile Test

US B-1 bombers escorted by South Korean fighters spent about 10 hours over the weekend flying around the Korean Peninsula, in what Air Force officials are describing as a show of force intended to be a “direct response” to North Korea’s most recent missile test.

B-1s are long-range strategic bombers designed specifically to drop nuclear bombs on targets. Though it’s not known if the B-1 bombers in this case had nuclear weapons on board, that was clearly meant to be the message sent to North Korea.

Between bomber overflights, warship deployments, and pubic threats, the US has made “shows of force” their go-to reaction whenever they want to exhibit displeasure toward North Korea after missile tests and the like.

That North Korea has been developing the missiles specifically as a deterrent for what they see as an imminent US invasion. This ultimately makes the US reaction counter-productive, just ensuring that tension remain high and that North Korea will keep scrambling to improve its retaliatory capabilities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of