US ‘Furious’ Over Turkey Publishing US Troop Locations in Syria

Turkey's Erdogan Denies Playing a Role in It

US military officials are reportedly furious after Turkey’s state media published the locations of 10 previously undisclosed US military positions inside Syria, saying that the publication was a major security breech and endangers the lives of troops.

The list provided not only the locations of previously secret bases, but also provided estimates on the number of US troops inside. They say they got all of this information through reporting trips inside Syria and observing the facilities.

US officials see this as petty move by Turkey to spite the US for its continued support of the Kurdish YPG. Turkey considers the YPG “terrorists,” and has been fighting against YPG forces further to the west, in the Afrin District of Syria.

Turkey’s Erdogan government, however, denies any involvement in the leaking of the locations by its own state media, saying they had no role in the decision-making process and would’ve considered it “unthinkable” to publish the informaton.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of