Trump Will Move to Quickly Deliver Smart Bombs to Saudi Arabia

Failed Senate Vote Was the Last Obstacle to Deliveries

Saudi Arabia is heavily bombing Yemen, more or less constantly, and the bombs they drop don’t exactly grow on trees. The bombs, rather, come from US arms makers, and President Trump is looking to get more of them in Saudi hands as soon as possible.

The $110 billion arms deal with the Saudis is just part of the unprecedented influx of weaponry the Saudis are about to see from the United States, and today’s failed Senate vote was really the last obstacle trying to block the US from delivering more munitions to the Saudis to continue their war.

The first smart bombs, part of a 2015 deal which had been frozen by President Obama under intense pressure from human rights groups, are expected to be delivered to Saudi Arabia shortly, with officials indicating last week that the plan was to have them in Saudi Arabia by month’s end.

Clearly, with the Senate no longer standing in the way, more will follow, and the smart bombs are just the start of a flurry of deliveries which will be worth in excess of $110 billion, and which over the course of the next decade will be worth in excess of $360 billion.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of