Kremlin Denies US Accusation They Tried to Hack Voting Equipment

Spokesman: Accusation Is False and Unfounded

Responding to yesterday’s leak of NSA documents by the Intercept, the Kremlin has held a conference call during which spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the claim that the Russians had attempted to hack American voting equipment, saying it was “false and unfounded.

Peskov noted that there was nothing that proved any accuracy to the claims made in the NSA document, saying that because of that Russia is discounting the possibility that this could have even happened in the first place.

The Intercept was given the “top secret” documents from a contractor, and those documents made the allegations, though like most official US documents on the “Russian hack” they continued no evidence that Russia was specifically involved in anything.

Rather, the documents made some allegations of a spearphishing effort carried out against companies involved in voter registration and voting software, and just tacked that on to the long list of things Russia is being accused of. In the US these specific claims have largely fallen by the wayside, with much of the focus shifting to the arrest of the apparent leaker, one Reality Winner.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of