North Korean State Media Criticizes China Over Stance on Nuclear Program

Accuses China of Recklessly Imperiling Long-Standing Friendship

North Korea has been allied with China for the entirety of its existence, but in recent years, it’s become clear that China views their neighbor as a bit of a burden, even if they’re one with important historical ties. Their support for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, however, isn’t sitting well with North Korean officials, as state media shows.

North Korea’s state media significantly faulted China,, accusing them of testing tthe nation’s patience, and risking their long-standing friendship with reckless moves, saying that North Korea would never give up its nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

China’s Foreign Ministry fired back quickly, insisting that their position on denuclearization hasn’t changed, but that China is also committed to good neighborly relations with North Korea, insisting that they hadn’t changed policy leading to this sudden change in North Korea’s stance.

Chinese media was a bit less conciliatory, criticizing North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs as amounting to a threat to China, and complaining that North Korea was still mired in Cold War thinking, leading to their constant spiraling antagonism with regional rivals.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of