Pence to North Korea: The Sword Stands Ready

Vows US Will Defeat Any North Korea 'Challenge'

Continuing to play up the idea of a military confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, Vice President Mike Pence today warned North Korea not to “challenge our resolve,” insisting that “the sword stands ready” and the US would meet any challenge with overwhelming force.

Pence’s comments come amid soaring tensions with North Korea, and with both China and Russia expressing concern that the US might unilaterally attack the isolated nation. US officials have done nothing to alleviate those concerns, playing up the idea of “solving” the North Korea problem militarily.

Pence made the comments abroad the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which is in Japan at the moment. The aircraft carrier expected to participate in the attack on North Korea, the USS Carl Vinson, is said to be en route, but won’t arrive for at least another week.

North Korea has threatened to retaliate against any US attack, and is promising continued missile tests to bolster its retaliatory capabilities. Those tests are themselves being presented by US officials as a “provocation” that might ultimately convince the US to “take care of” the nation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of