Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Syria ‘Gas Attack’

Ambassador: Russia Wants Investigation First

US and Western efforts to push through a new UN Security Council resolution condemning the Assad government over last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack were, unsurprisingly, vetoed by the Russian government, who insist any such resolution must hold off until an international investigation is conducted.

The question of an investigation is still somewhat up in the air, with today’s Lavrov-Tillerson press conference revealing that Lavrov had pushed the idea heavily, and that the US only agreed to “consider” the matter, while Tillerson continued to insist they have “firm” confidence Syria’s government was responsible for the attack.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley condemned Russia for the veto, insisting they were rejecting the very notion of accountability, and are siding with Assad “against the rest of the world.” The US praised China for abstaining on the vote instead of offering their own usual veto.

Russian officials added to their criticism of the effort after the vote, with Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov insisting that issuing a statement condemning someone as guilty before the investigation is “incompatible with legal norms.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of