Police: 43 ISIS Killed, 32 Wounded in Eastern Afghanistan

Heavy Fighting Reported as Security Forces Attack ISIS Along Pakistan Border

Local police officials in Afghanistan, Nangarhar Province reported at least 43 ISIS fighters were killed and 32 others wounded today, in heavy fighting which is still raging in the Achin District, along the border with neighboring Pakistan.

This was the result of anti-ISIS raids against the district, as well as US airstrikes that destroyed a pair of “hideouts.” The operation is part of what officials say is an attempt to wipe out the ISIS organization in Afghanistan by year’s end. Nangarhar is where ISIS’ largest presence in the country is, though they recruit in many provinces.

Such large death tolls aren’t so unusual either in the various anti-ISIS operations, but despite Afghanistan having claimed to have totally wiped out ISIS in Nangarhar multiple times in 2016, the group always seems to come back as soon as the operation ends, and retains its influence in the area.

Nangarhar, and particularly the border districts, have been a problem for the Afghan government for years, as even before ISIS set up shop there, it served as a popular crossing area for Pakistani Taliban fighters going back and forth between countries.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.