Senate Intel Committee Rejects Flynn’s Call for Immunity

Officials Said Move Was 'Not on the Table'

Reports out of NBC News this morning say that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s attempt to get immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony in investigations on Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign have failed, at least with respect to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Committee reportedly rejected the idea out of hand, insisting it was too soon for any such move, and offers  of immunity are “not on the table.” Flynn is said to have sought immunity both from Congress and from the FBI, though so far there appear to be no takers.

Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner says the attempts were necessary, and that no “reasonable person” with legal counsel would testify in this “witch-hunt environment” without some assurance against unfair prosecution. At the same time, Kelner downplayed the chances of Flynn offering any groundbreaking testimony.

And that may be the problem. The eagerness to get these Congressional inquiries going in earnest and get some juicy details, particularly that can be used to fuel tensions with Russia, might make for an environment in which immunity is offered, but only if they think they’re going to get something useful out of it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of