US Mulls ‘Reserve’ Deployment to Kuwait for ISIS Fight

Would Leave Decision to Deploy Them to Iraq, Syria Up to Commanders

In a dramatic shift away from the long-standing US policy of having the president decide directly on troop levels for various wars, President Trump is said to be considering a deployment of a substantial “reserve” force to Kuwait, which would them be available for commanders in Iraq and Syria to draw upon at will.

The deployment is estimated to be somewhere around 1,000 troops, and Pentagon officials say it would allow commanders to “respond to unforeseen opportunities” in the wars in Iraq and Syria, without having to ask the president for more troops.

This appears to be among the options being considered for ongoing escalation of the US war against ISIS, with reports that the Pentagon has recommended a large supplemental ground force for Syria, with an eye toward getting “rapid results” in fighting against ISIS.

Officials declined to offer specifics on all the options being considered, and it appears that no such agreement has yet been reached on what the administration will ultimately do, though all signs point toward a substantial escalation, given no officials have indicated anything else is even among the options.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of