Mattis: NATO Must Increase Military Spending or US Will Reduce Support

Accuses NATO Members of Ignoring 'Threats From Russia'

The Pentagon has been spending quite some time trying to force NATO member nations to increase their military spending up to at least 2 percent of their GDP, with an eye on increases in US military exports to the continent. Defense Secretary James Mattis made it clear today the US is going to play hardball to get their way.

During the Brussels NATO meeting, Mattis warned US military support for NATO had its limits, and that if the European nations didn’t increase their spending their militaries, they could quickly find that US commitment being reduced in significant ways.

American cannot care more for your children’s future security than you do,” Mattis warned. Several NATO nations have insisted they have no intention of getting up to 2% GDP spending, which would be a huge increase with no real justification.

Interestingly, particularly in the context of NATO nations having been attacking President Trump for being insufficiently hostile toward Russia, Mattis is also reportedly claimed that NATO nations were ignoring “threats” from Russia in their lack of runaway military spending, and that they shouldn’t assume US support is a given.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of