Report: Trump Mulls Second Executive Order Clamping Down on Immigration to ‘Protect Jobs’

Wants Investigation Into Possibility of Expelling Foreigners on Food Stamps

Amid continued protest over last week’s executive order banning visas for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, President Trump is reportedly considering a second executive order that also seeks to clamp down more broadly on immigration, this time with a stated goal to protect “American jobs.”

The Washington Post claims to have seen a draft of this order, which would rescind all work visas found “not to be in the national interest” and would also seek investigations from various departments on the possibility of several more ambitious proposals.

These proposals aim to find legal options to stop foreigners from giving birth in the United States, and also seeks inquiry into the possibility of expelling foreigners within their first five years of entry if they have received a certain amount of public assistance, including food stamps over that time, as well as the prospect of banning individuals outright on the suspicion that they would likely end up needing such assistance.

The order is said to conclude that foreigners have “had a devastating impact on the wages and jobs of American workers,” especially blacks and Hispanics, and is said to be designed both to prevent foreigners from taking certain jobs, and pushing existing immigrants out of their jobs in favor of American citizens.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of