US Intel Officials Warn Israel Not to Share Intelligence With Trump Administration

Officials warn Israel 'Pro-Russia' Trump Poses a Threat to Them

In a move likely to further add to acrimony between the incoming Trump Administration and the existing US intelligence establishment, intelligence officials are now reportedly warning Israel not to share any sensitive intelligence with the Trump Administration.

The US officials, according to the report, argued that Trump is pro-Russia, and as a consequence anything Israel tells him is liable to end up told to Russia, and since Russia is on relatively good terms with Iran, anything Russia hears might end up told to Iran too.

This further adds to the politicization of Israel within the US, if the outgoing administration is trying to poison future cooperation between Israel’s substantial spy agencies and the new administration by arguing that telling America’s government after January 20 is tantamount to telling Iran.

It is unclear exactly who the officials who issued the warning were, beyond being US intelligence officials, and there has been no response from Israeli officials either. The current far-right government in Israel has been keen to work with the Trump Administration after a tense relationship with the Obama Administration, and it isn’t clear how credibly they view this warning.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of