Israel Threatens to Give Trump ‘Iron-Clad’ Proof Obama Was Behind UN Vote

Ambassador Encourages Trump to Share Info With the American People

Spokesmen for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claim to have come upon “iron-clad information” from several sources which pins last week’s UN Security Council vote, which condemned Israeli expansion of settlements in the occupied territories, on a scheme by the Obama Administration.

Spokesman David Keyes insisted Obama helped create the resolution in the first place, and Ambassador Ron Dermer said Israel intends to present the evidence to the Trump Administration “through the appropriate channels.” Dermer encouraged Trump to share it with the American people to prove that the US “was behind this ganging up on Israel at the UN.”

Though there is no indication what this “evidence” is or how reliable it might be, or indeed if it is anything more than just another Israeli flight of fancy during the post-UN fury, some analysts are warning even the threat risks further politicizing US-Israeli ties within the US, with the far-right Israeli government picking fights with the outgoing Democratic administration after years of tension.

The White House has denied having any role in drafting the UN Security Council resolution, and the US was the only nation not to vote for the resolution, abstaining in a 14-0 vote. Officials have insisted they could not in good conscience veto a resolution they agreed with, however, adding that they’ve long opposed Israel’s expansion of settlements.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of