Israeli Warplanes Attack Sites West of Damascus

Attacks targeted Vehicle Convoy, No Casualties Reported

Israeli warplanes have launched a pair of airstrikes west of the Syrian capital city of Damascus, targeting a convoy of vehicles along the Damascus-Beirut Highway. The convoy is being accused of having weapons in it, and heading into Lebanon.

Israel, as usual, isn’t offering comments on the attacks, but the Syrian state news agency reported the Israeli warplanes launched their attacks from Lebanese airspace. There were no casualties reported in the attacks.

There were also reports from Damascus residents of a series of explosions around an arms depot which was also speculated to be an Israeli attack, though once again there were no casualties reported, and once again Israel didn’t offer any comments.

Israel has launched dozens of strikes against Syrian military and Hezbollah targets in Syria over the course of the Syrian Civil War, though they maintain that they are neutral in the conflict. Over the past week they’ve also had a clash with ISIS fighters in Golan, which suggests they may quickly be in open war with both sides.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of